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How can you create a brilliant brand? Learn from IITs.

How can you create a brilliant brand? Learn from IITs.

A few years ago, I had landed a seat at the most prestigious institution in my country. Everything seemed rosy. Two years of h̶a̶r̶d̶ (sporadic random bursts of efforts followed by periods of laziness) work had paid off. Somewhere deep down, I think I always felt empty because I was not passionate about science like my peers. However, I assumed that this was a safe career path where I could land a cushy job.

And then the crash came. 💔
I had found love only to realize that it was short-lived due to limited circumstances. (Oh well, adult emotions with stereotypes attached to them are complicated. 🤷‍♀️)

I realized that I was in love with the brand of IIT 🏨 rather than the subject. (P.S: This was when I did a nosedive to understand how brands work and how they are propagated. Who knew curiosity from the existential crisis would transform into the passion that gave me a reason to wake up every day?)

Read on to know about my observations about brand-building with IIT.

It is the ultimate future that people are in love with.

IIT sells the dreams of a 1-2 crore INR pay package for a fresher, and that’s a neat 250 thousand dollars per year. 🤑
Most of us do not mind slogging our asses off if we can get where we want to go. If companies and solutions implement that, they would happily associate themselves with the solution.

Create a compelling future vision for your brand and align all your activities towards that vision.

Tap into the growth mindset.

IIT offers its students immense exposure and networking opportunities. 🕸️
Our evolutionary instincts want us to get better and excel every day. We are wired to seek growth to help us survive the changing circumstances.

Ensure that your product or service provides growth for your customers. Communicate the same effectively.

Exclusivity sparks curiosity and creates an aura of awe.

IIT selection rate is a measly 0.8%. Over 1.2 million (12 lakh) students apply every year, and only ten thousand students get selected. 🔍
We crave to be a part of communities, and humans have an innate need to feel accepted. Moreover, we tend to fall in love with something we are a part of after jumping through hoops to get there. Companies do not need everyone to be their customers, and it is simply impossible to service every John, Harry, and Rohan.

Define their target market clearly and ensure your customers feel they belong to your organization where you are committed to empowering them alone. 

(And I mean it, quit trying to save the whole world. It simply is impossible.)

Recommendations increase trust and reliability.

IIT is a legend across the remote corners of India. You can hear your old aunt, that sleazy uncle, or an urbane, suave gentleman in awe of this fine institution and praising it with all the love in their hearts. 🤼
Hearing a concept, name, or idea in multiple places builds familiarity and association. Multiple touchpoints pre-frame your mind to the advantages(or disadvantages) associated with the same. Familiarity breeds trust. There you go, you get your success mode there.

Spread the word as much as you can. Provide stellar service and encourage your connections to communicate your brand to others. Let the word of mouth gain momentum.

P.S: If you are a young JEE aspirant reading this, I must clarify that this is not meant to make you give up. IITs are worth the hype and provide immense learning opportunities.

P.P.S: Need tips on building your brand? Connect with me for more insights. 💬