I’m Ananya, a Copywriter in India

From studying Physics at IIT Madras and armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I’ve always been passionate about exploring the unknown. Finding great solutions to real problems is my forte. I love weaving magic with my words to resonate with readers. 

A passionate entrepreneur, I’m working on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem with my startup Zenoholics. In quest of “Do Well, Do Good,” I am also a global ShARE consultant.

I’m a big fan of the Dan Brown books, Harry Potter and Mistborn series.

I’m also an….

✓ Internationally published writer.
✓ Proud mother of a charming doggo.
✓ Travel maniac.
✓ Hopeless creativity addict.

And…results-obsessed branding expert who’s spent over three years turning clients into WINNERS. I believe good copy is an exquisite reflection of the brand, and I’ll dig deep to discover that brand.


My Secret Sauce

Result: A laser-targeted copy that’s fresh, tight, and effortless to read.
Which means your customers develop a visceral connection with your brand — and choose YOU for the sale!


Research 🌶️

Penetrate the core of your brand and excavate its gold before banging out a word.

✓ Interview key players
✓ Analyze the competition
✓ Review all customer feedback
✓ Crystallize your USP


Create the copy 🌶️🌶️

Take that snarky-looking blank page and load it with written goodness built on your company’s unique offerings + proven marketing research and formulas.


Perfectionize 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Work with you and your team till the tweaking is done and we both feel like showing off this project to every random person on the subway.

We’re in this together.

Stop wasting time + money on people who don’t get it. 

I get it DONE.

I keep you wide-eyed.

I use science.

"After reading a writeup, one can grasp whether it's written by a writer or someone has just written it by doing a mix and match of words and some basic grammar; in short not written by a writer... And it can be said that Ananya Shetty is a true writer who writes well."

Neha Agarwal – CEO, Digi Acai

You have done a wonderful job, Ananya. Your writing skills are phenomenal, really appreciate your additional efforts in revamping the website. You are doing great, keep up the good work!

Rahul Katiyar – Founder, DistinctiveGMP

“Working with Ananya has been a pleasure: competence and skill combined is a rare commodity which she possess in abundance.”

Yogitha – Manager, Thrillophilia Adventures

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