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I’ve written various content formats over the past few years. You can check some of them by clicking on the button below to view them in a Google Drive folder.

Content Strategy

Brand Content Strategy for Hill Station Holiday Homes

Take your holidays off the grid. Discover a biosphere reserve tucked within the lap of nature. Make your escape count every time. Retreat to the kind of accommodation that’ll make you feel like a million bucks. 

Content Strategy for American Specialty Foods

The idea was simple: take our passion for perfecting new flavors and combine it with the goodness of American cuisine. Housed in New York, we’ve reinvented everything you know about packaged food and made it fresh.

Brand Content Strategy for PADC

Pre-School to empower deaf kids – PADC adopts a unique Aural/Oral teaching methodology to enable the deaf children hear and speak well.

Brand Content Strategy for Consultant Sam Amoo

Digital marketing and business resources- there is no safety net and you’re in it for the long haul. It can get lonely out there with no one to turn to when you need advice.


Website Copy for Stone Realty

A 360° Approach for Developers, Channel Partners and Buyers – Creating future real estate communities with exclusive mandate to achieve sold-out tag.

Email Campaigns for Zenolic

Bringing mental empowerment to
ambitious founders who control the world- Sometimes life just blows. You know, like when you wipe out your bank account.