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Peek-a-boo to journal - find gold

Peek-a-boo to journal - find gold

Making decisions daily in an evolving landscape is a genuinely complex thought process.

Do I focus on my work first? Should I work with Rohan or Deepa? Do I pack my things up and move to the Himalayas? Is this promotion going to be sustainable? What do I want? Am I in peace? Can I say shit to that guy who sold me a useless product? How do I package my offering? Should I quit my work and travel overnight to meet my family? What do I say to that aunty asking me to get married soon?

I've made many faux pas throughout my life. It's embarrassing and confusing. However, the art of journaling has helped me break through the clutter and focus on what matters. I've learned to deal with things better and significantly improve my creative output. Taking inspiration from the Pareto Principle - 80/20 rule, I consider 80% of my ideas and content garbage. The other 20% is pure gold and accounts for 80% of the results. However, spotting that is an incredible pain in the ass. I have chased meaningless ideas only to find myself staring down a bottomless dark abyss.

Your brain can constantly produce new ideas and wisdom from unlikely scenarios.

At least, that is why we haven't had an artificial intelligence revolution yet and don't see one shortly.

The golden ideas get lost in the haywire of information. So how do you bring it to the conscious mind's surface and act on it❓

I've tried various approaches over the years. I've been attempting journalling regularly from the time I was a kid. But nothing really helped me stick to the habit. That was until...

Drumroll πŸ₯ - enter 750words.com

I've started writing on this site from last year - that is 2021. And these are my stats.

The image shows stats of 244 completed days, 277 days writing and 218,402 words written.
My stats on 750words.com as of 27th March 2022.

And the sentimental analysis, among other features, is plain incredible!

I analyze my thoughts and emotions based on these statistics that are automatically generated.

One exciting idea/dream I found in my journal

P.S: I wrote this in July 2021. And I don't even recall thinking of this anymore.

The boldest and biggest dream I have is to create Avatars, aka the replications of human consciousness and understand how the fabric of nature works concerning human thoughts, and use them to our advantage to bring more positivity and happiness. Why do I want to do that? I want to reduce suffering, alleviate a sense of hopelessness from the masses and bring new light and love into this world. I want to empower one billion people to think for themselves and be passionate about spreading love, peace, and harmony in today's era.

Deep reflections into my personal self

Every human's innate drive is to seek comfort and stability and to chase certainty. But eventually, nothing is certain. So is it the price I am willing to pay? To rewire my notions about certainty and embrace the unknown with various challenges and pitfalls? Am I willing to pay the price for freedom?

Weird stuff that I've written while reflecting

I will write this 750 words nicely like a little baby doing her homework. Tomorrow I am supposed to leave at 11:30 am, and I would like to get some work done before that. Actually, I think I would ideally prefer to work on my 1pnp tomorrow. My body is feeling exhausted, and I think I should listen to my body silently. I read a lot of nonfiction today, so I am not sure if it is really required. But I will read up to 22 pages of the 4-hour workweek before sleeping. I will watch Udta Punjab nicely chilling out in my bed after walking nicely. Then I will take a strong, sincere head bath since, oh well, it is gonna smell.

I hope this inspires you to start writing some crap daily until you start finding some unique ideas within it. If you're looking to build a habit, 750words.com is an amazing journal tool that offers a truly private, unfiltered space to be yourself. It is a paid SAAS with 30 days free trial. Subscribe below if you want to know how you can get a free version while saving your money.

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