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Speed reading - save 1000 hours/year and master creativity

Speed reading - save 1000 hours/year and master creativity

I’ve always loved reading from as far as I can remember. My love story with words started in the children’s version of Indian epics - Ramayana and Mahabharatha when I was four. It evolved into a passionate, consuming relationship with books when at one point, my mother took my Rick Riordan’s novel and threw it out of the window because I wouldn’t stop reading even though my exam was the next day.

Reading long books took an incredible amount of time from my day. I was always so frustrated that other people could read faster and grasp information in a shorter amount of time. I wanted to do the same, but every time I picked up a book, it used to take a week or more to get through it. And usually, I used to give up halfway because it got boring. And other things in my life were suffering in a big way.

Damn, I just haven’t been able to stop reading, though. My work involves research across various niches and understanding user perspectives, and I also need to read about the latest marketing tips and content strategies to deliver the best copy. But it was always time-consuming, and I felt that I was falling behind. I developed anxiety at a point that crippled my growth and made me laze in bed all day long. But then I discovered speed reading. 😍

Speed reading has been my savior and champion in life.

Creativity gets a huge boost when you have a giant cesspool of data and ideas floating inside your head, waiting for you to make that original brilliant connection. Awareness of the valuable information helps eliminate the clutter in your brain and get a more solid foundation for your growth hacks.

Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how a creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing.
– Amanda Palmer

How much time do you spend reading articles about other people’s lives every day? Do you think your life would be boring without all this information? If so, then you might want to try out speedreading as well.

Speed reading is an art that allows the reader to get the most out of every second without wasting time. When you learn how to speed read, you can also increase your comprehension when reading at a faster pace. 💨

Not only does speed reading help you get through your daily morning emails faster, but it can also help you get through your books faster. When you read a book at the same speed as usual and then re-read it with speed reading techniques, you’ll be able to identify critical points and long-winded paragraphs—and realize how much extra stuff is there that you didn’t need. 😇

I've listed below five methods that helped me become better and faster at reading. They are not about memorizing a bunch of random words but rather about mastering a skill that can make you a better leader in any field.

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