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coloring life and work

coloring life and work

As creative professionals, we regularly splash colors everywhere. I love creating sights that are admired and cherished. However, staying consistent is the real challenge. Here is a how-to guide to splash colors in your work regularly and consistently during this Holi that shows an insight into the process I follow.

🦚 Consciously identify your emotions

The positive, upbeat emotions have a bright color spectrum, while the heavier emotions have a darker color spectrum. Both are equally important to paint a wholesome canvas with stark contrast. You permit yourself to feel more when you are mindful. Knowing when I am happy, sad, frustrated, or excited has helped me increase my intuition levels for empathy towards my work.

πŸ€— Rationalize your emotional responses

You’ll be amazed by the results. At least, I am constantly surprised by my varied emotional responses. For instance, when I wrote my first post two days ago, I was thrilled to put my content out there. As a result, I put more effort into making the blog super fast using the latest tech stack. Being mindful helps you, but consciously thinking and verbalizing it takes your emotional intelligence to a whole new level. It unlocks several hidden reserves within you and boosts your productivity significantly. I follow this process while copywriting, which I will cover in-depth in another blog.

❀️ Say β€˜I love you.’

The simple act of saying out the phrase β€˜I love you’ to anyone (and meaning it), even to yourself in the mirror, produces oxytocin and dopamine and deactivates the neural pathways responsible for negative feelings. It gives you greater freedom to be yourself in a space free from judgment.
Source: Harvard Medical School

😍 Bring passion and commitment to everything you do

Of course, we do not exactly like everything we do, but we have to keep doing it anyway. The best thing that I have always found to be effective is to reframe my thoughts around the particular scenario. It changes the journey of doing things (not things themselves) by leaps and bounds. All it takes is a simple perspective shift, and it makes life much easier and more beautiful.

πŸ’€ Quit things that you can change to choose happiness

β€˜Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change. the courage to change the things I can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.’

This quote has given me a whole new perspective on life. Me quitting the rat race, moving out to be truly independent, and escaping things weighing me down required immense courage. I had to be honest and accept that things were not working. The backlash has always been intense. Nevertheless, fast forward to my present time, I am delighted that I chose to change the hard things. It has helped my creativity grow into a beautiful being, feeding on my broad spectrum of emotions.

πŸ““ Journal regularly

Pen down your brilliant idea flashes. Collect everything that inspires you. Let your random weird collection of thoughts out in the. Stay tuned for an article on how journaling has helped me be more creative.

πŸ›€οΈ Keep track of your journey with actionable steps

It takes consistency and regular practice to color your work with various hues. Subscribe below for easy access to a free notion template to stick to your creative process. This template will give you the essential checklist and an accessible format to journal and implement the above steps.

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