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finding real happiness

finding real happiness

Sometimes, we take these random decisions on the spot. Sometimes they give beautiful results.

‘You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.’
- Steve Jobs

Today, my baby 🐶 turns one.

It is that time of the year when you reflect back and count your blessings.

Pippo is not my first dog, and I have had other dogs before with my family in a large home. Nevertheless, I have a special bond with him because he lives with me in my private space 24/7, and it is my responsibility to care for him without my family to help me out. He has been the light to my darkness.

We were playing a game of fetch, and I decided to pull a little trick on him by hiding behind the door covered by a mattress. The poor boy could not see me and checked for me in the bathroom, under the table, in the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere! He did not give up for three minutes running around in confusion, thinking his mamma had vanished in thin air until he finally found me. His loyalty made my heart feel full.

It has been hard. Cleaning my dog's poop when he was a puppy, dealing with gross stuff when he is sick, vacuuming the hair from my clothes - damn! That is a huge pain in the ass. 😖

But oh God, it is all worth it.

Love has always been easy for me. I love freely. However, do I love consistently day after night? Do I smile all the time with the waves of happiness flooding me? Having Pippo has kept me busy and changed that. There has not been a single day for the last ten months when I have not smiled at least once a day.

Whenever my precious possessions are destroyed (because he has to be this naughty chewer), I get angry. He sits quietly, looking away with his ears entirely behind when I scold him. The anger dissipates in a few seconds, and I fall in love all over again.

Another time, I had this urgent pressing work to be delivered to a client. But I was on my periods and was having this bad mood swing. I did not want to get up. Pippo came and kept his head on my thigh and looked at me with those big black eyes. I stretched my hands to cuddle him, and in a few minutes, my mood was reset with those endorphins being released into my bloodstream.

My productivity has gone on an upward spiral with him. 📈

It’s much easier to be creative when you have love overflowing in your heart. Powerful emotions like intense happiness and intense sadness blend the delightful creative elements together.

This blog probably sounds like a big advertisement to own a dog. (I recommend adopting since there are so many amazing canines out there in need of a loving home)

No, that is not my intention at all. XD This is just to encourage you to find something that gives you responsibility, joy, and a reason to get out of bed every day.

Finding something that regulates my mood has been hard for all the years. I have found my dopamine booster now. I hope you find it too. 💖

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